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The Canary Islands are located at 150 Km off de coast...

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Breña Baja is a tourist town that has a wide range of accommodation...




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Handicrafts Exhibition and Sales Centre “La Carnicería”.artesania 1 artesania 2



In the refurbished building known as “La Carnicería” (butcher’s shop), meat was sold, twice a week, up to the nineteen thirties. This construction, dating from the 19th century, is located on the outskirts of San José, and has been rehabilitated to house the Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition and Sales Centre. The intention was to preserve not only the name, but also the architectural characteristics of the building. Despite its modest proportions, a varied range of handicraft items and typical food products from the municipality is on display.

From the branches of Viburnum bushes, a species growing in the nearby laurel forests, and from chestnut trees, long strips are taken and plaited, with the help of the appropriate tools and strong hands, to produce baskets of various types and sizes, covers for bottles and jars, as well as other functional objects. Palm trees, so conspicuous in the local landscape, also provide craft workers with their long leaves, for creating mats, fans, baskets, bags and hats.

Basketwork from rye-grass and bramble, delicate embroidery, macramé work, crochet, frivolité, beautiful textiles made from linen, wool, or strips of cloth woven on old wooden looms made from tea (heartwood of the Canary Pine), are all found at this welcoming location.


Woodwork and locksmith’s work is also on display, together with candles and other items made by the local wax-smith from natural bee’s wax. Delicious sweets and traditional pastries, honey, jams, mojo sauce, liqueurs, wines and the famous cigars of recognised international prestige are also on sale.


Centro de Exposición y Venta de artesanía “La Carnicería”

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