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calendario Festive Calendar of the municipality
San José  19 de Marzo 
La Santa Cruz  2 y 3 de Mayo 
Ntra. Señora de Fátima  13 de Mayo 
Día de Las Madres  Tercer Domingo de Mayo 
San Antonio de Padua   13 de Junio
Corpus Christi  Junio
 Santa Ana y Santigo Apostol
 25 y 26 de Julio
 Fiestas de La Montaña de La Breña   Finales de Julio - Principios de Agosto 
 Ntra. Señora del Perpetuo Socorro  Último Domingo de Agosto 
Ntra. Señora del Rosario  7 de Octubre 

In Breña Baja, the celebrations arose as spontaneous social gatherings, in which there has always been an element of tradition, culture, and entertainment.


Pilgrimages and Canary Island folklore are frequently present in celebrations in honour and reverence of the Virgin, or of the Patron Saints of the municipality, which act as the religious symbols of the local people. On the other hand, popular fiestas of a strictly non-religious nature are typically the street parties. Through these events the traditions and culture of previous generations is remembered.

romería santiago

In San José, the administrative centre of the municipality, celebrations are held every year in honour of Saint Anne and James the Apostle. Of special interest is the traditional pilgrimage from the San Antonio quarter to that of San José, in which local inhabitants dressed in typical costumes offer Canary Island food and farm produce to islanders and visitors alike.

After the merry pilgrimage, a street party rounds off the day. Also traditional is the praise (loa) to Saint Anne, novenas and masses with the procession of saints, and the firework display, as well as the raffle and horse races.


Other important festivities are: Saint Joseph’s Day, the Holy Cross, Our Lady of Fátima, Mothers’ Day, Saint Anthony of Padua, Corpus Christi, fiestas of the Montaña de La Breña, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and Our Lady of the Rosary, the “patron of Breña Baja”.


In the Saint Joseph’s Day celebration, held in the settlement of the same name (San José), liturgical, cultural and recreational events take place, in honour of the Holy Patron.


The commemoration of Saint Anthony of Padua, held in the village of San Antonio, brings local inhabitants together to celebrate both religious and non-religious events connected with devotion to this particular saint.

The Corpus Christi festivity involves intricately-designed tapestries made by the islanders from natural materials.

The fiesta of the Montaña de La Breña, held in the vicinity of the leisure area, consists of religious and recreational events, an example of the latter being the street parties and horse races.

On May 3rd the Day of the Holy Cross is celebrated, with the traditional decking-out of the crosses done during the early hours on May 2nd by the residents living near the crosses, which are usually located along the old cobbled footpaths (caminos reales). 


Breña Baja, since May 19th 1936, and thanks to the poet and chronicler Félix Duarte, can claim, among its most important historical achievements, to have been the first Spanish municipality to celebrate Mothers’ Day. In acknowledgement of this fact, the municipality was recognised by the Ministry of the Interior in 1947 with the title “Very Noble and Honourable Villa”.

This celebration, with its distinct liturgical character, obliges participants to wear a Red Rose in their lapel if their mothers are still alive, and a White Rose if their mothers are deceased. The youngest and oldest mothers in the municipality are also honoured.

The festivities in honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, at the end of August, bring a break to the celebrations in Breña Baja until October, when Our lady of the Rosary is celebrated, patron of the municipality whose coronation dates from 1924.



felix duarte