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The Canary Islands are located at 150 Km off de coast...

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Breña Baja is a tourist town that has a wide range of accommodation...




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Santa Cruz de La Palma has always had an important harbour with busy commercial traffic, both with the other islands, as well as with mainland Spain and the rest of the world. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the harbour of Santa Cruz de La Palma was the third most important in the Spanish Empire, after Seville and Antwerp, thanks to sugar and wine export, which created strong economic and human ties with the outside world, and led to the arrival of colonists from many different European ports (the Low Countries, England, Italy), who were attracted by the flourishing export-crop trade.

From the time of conquest there was a short breakwater which acted as a wharf, and which was constantly threatened by heavy seas. As was the case with most Canary Island harbours, it underwent several reconstructions as a result of the pounding waves, whose effects were worsened due to the scant protection the location afforded against strong winds.

Among the repairs carried out in the 18th century were those of 1728, 1729, and the following years, with reconstruction work not finishing until 1735. In winter, this harbour was open to strong winds from the NE and NW, creating a heavy swell which entered the bay and seriously affected the security and movements of anchored vessels and of their tenders.



The harbour is located in the capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma


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